10. GrapplingWeekly.com –  What is the recipe of success to create a world champion jiu-jitsu team?
Jacare – Hard work, dedication,love what you do, know what you are doing and ad the talented guys to do the job.

9. GrapplingWeekly.com – Out of all of the millions of jiu-jitsu matches you have seen in your lifetime, which match sticks out and remains in your heart as the best you have seen or the most special match for you?

Jacare – Oh man now you got me, I saw so many good matches but of course i will always remember the ones when I got my guys involved. Telo x Carlson Jr, Gurgel x Arona, Gurgel x Amaury, some MMA matches in Atlanta when I moved here, etc..

8. GrapplingWeekly.com – After creating so many champions after years and years, what drives you to keep going on?

Jacare – First I love what I do, I teach everyday, I think about jiu jitsu 26 hours a day 8 days a week, 390 days a year, this is what i do I don’t change my job for nothing in the world.

7. GrapplingWeekly.com – Acai or Brazilian BBQ. Which was Brazil’s best contribution to North American food society?


6. GrapplingWeekly.com – Explain why you think the GI game makes better No Gi grapplers than just people who train straight up No Gi?

Jacare – Training with the gi make your game much better, without the gi is easier to get away with many things but with the gi no way Jose.

5. GrapplingWeekly.com – You once said a long time ago that Nino had an amazing jiu-jitsu game to watch. Which competitor, Non Alliance, do you think stands out technically in today’s sport?

Jacare – Roger Gracie, Barral,Braulio Estima, Xande and so many others jiu jistu evolved so much that you have a lot good guys.

4. GrapplingWeekly.com – Your favourite BJJ Kimono of all time?

Jacare – Keiko of course! Gera is my good friend and hook me up all the time hahaha!

3. GrapplingWeekly.com – At what point do you stray away from the “Gracie Basics” to teach sport oriented techniques to your students? After Blue Belt, after 6 months? Or do you start them off learning the sport right away?

Jacare – Right away in my classes we teach spot jiu-jitsu, self defense, throws and take downs, everything that can make the student understand our way of teaching this wonderful art.

2. GrapplingWeekly.com – What’s your favorite technique to teach? What’s your least favorite technique to teach?

Jacare – I love to teach them all.

1. GrapplingWeekly.com – If you never got involved with Jiu-jitsu, where would you be today?

Jacare – Thanks God it never happened.