Luanna talks Alliance’s absolute domain Sunday 06th of June 2010 12:24 PM

By Erik Engelhart

Report Samira Bonfim

Photo Eduardo Ferreira, directly from California

After closing up the absolute on Pan Am, Luanna ALzuguir and Gabi Garcia did it again on World, an event that is heating Long Beach, in California, United Stated. From one side, Gabi submitted Bia Mesquita with a kimura to get to the grand finale, while Luanna had a rematch and fought again against Kyra Gracie, who was her opponent on the finale from last World and, this time, Luanna bet her with a sweep and a guard brake.

“I got a hard key, I fought against girls from the medium weight division, medium heavy also, then Michelle Nicolini came, and I can’t say much about her, she’s a great athlete then I fought against Kyra on the semifinal, which felt like a finale, having a rematch after our fight in 2009… Thanks’ God everything went right”, celebrates the triumph of Alliance on the absolute. “I’ve been working hard with Gabi, we did it on Pan Am and now on World… That’s the result of a lot of hard work and dedication”.

After shinning on the absolute, Luanna thinks about the dispute within the lights. “The expectation for the weight dispute is even higher, since I trained a lot and there’s nothing on my mind but to make my game plan work. It’s complicated to talk about favoritism, because there are ten minutes and many surprises can come… I’m sure that I’ll have to face tough athletes just as me, but let’s go there and do our best”, concluded Luanna.