Octavio Ratinho Couto Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Octavio “Ratinho” Couto. Photo courtesy Couto.

Have you ever refereed a Brazilian jiu-jitsu match? We know that it’s a very tough job, and sometimes referees get a lot of heat at Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments. One guy who has refereed many BJJ competitions at the highest level (think IBJJF World Championships) is Octavio “Ratinho” Couta, our guest in this week’s feature interview. In a conversation with Chris Simamora, Couta tells us all about how he became involved in BJJ back in the day and we learn a lot about the admirable and under-appreciated world of the BJJ referee.

We also hear from new black belt and returning guest to the FightWorks Podcast, Hillary Williams. In between her time spent being one of the toughest female black belts out there (can you say 2010 brown/black belt division world champion?) and working hard to get into medical school, Hillary is now working to bring excess gis to folks who train jiu-jitsu in Brazil that cannot afford them. We will hear all about the effort. Long story short: we all have a gi we have outgrown, that has shrunk in the dryer, or that we simply don’t like the fit of, and do not use.

If you have gi pants or a gi top that has been sitting in your closet, please send them to:

Hillary Williams
West Side MMA
1021 Jessie Rd
Suite N
Little Rock, AR 72202

Counting on you to help, Mighty 600,000!

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