I remember 10 years back, around Mundials 2000, everyone on the net was buzzin’ about the half guard and how boring it was. People were reporting how in competitions, fighters would pull half guard, which was relatively new at the time, sweep than stall out for a win. Well, since that time, the half guards developed tremendously with even different versions like the deep half guard etc….when Marcelo Garcia came to fame in 2003, everyone was rampant about the X guard and how unstoppable it was! I remember seeing a post from Scotty from OTM warning all gringos to get some X-guard defenses cause the Brazilians had advanced that position!

Recently, the newest guard on the sport BJJ scene has emerged. The dreaded 50/50 is the new position to hate or love. The Mends brothers (Gui and Rafael) have been using this position in competitions and have had a lot of success in doing so. Rather than argue the value of the position, I am just gonna post a ton of video for you to be the judge. One thing is for sure though, a lot of techniques are now available on this position for people to learn, counter and analyze this crazy position!

Mendes brothers 50/50 guard 1

Mendes brothers 50/50 guard 2

Mendes brothers 50/50 guard 3

Xande Ribiero on the 50/50 guard

Alliance Jiu Jitsu 50/50 counter part 2

Ryan Hall – 50/50 Guard [DVD 1] – Controlling The Trapped Knee

50/50 Guard: escape Pt. 1 (by: Chico Mendes)