By: Baleia

One of the first seminars I ever attended was with Royce Gracie. Now at that time, so long ago, we didn’t even know that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was a sport, but thought it was just a fighting style. Anyways, one of the questions Royce was asked was “What sort of exercises do you do to work your conditioning?” He answered “What do runners do? They run. What do swimmers do? They swim….” and so on… So Royce then explained that the best training he could do to prepare himself for a fight was to spar. At the time Royce could have said anything and the people would laugh or agree, but years later, I have discovered that BJJ athletes do actually work conditioning to stay in shape and prepare for competitions. Now I must admit I’m not really big on the conditioning part these days due to my laziness, but here are some clips of some of the top Jiu-jitsu athletes doing some conditioning training in preparation for BJJ competitions. By the way, it’s probably a good idea to get a personal trainer, but if you’re on a tight budget, and are creative, maybe these videos can inspire you to be the next Cobrinha Or Michael Langhi or Luana!

André Galvao

Michael Langhi

Matheus Serafim MMA

Luanna Alzuguir

Bruno Malfacine

Rubens Charles “Cobrinha”