Abmar em ação no Asiático. Foto: Kinya Hashimoto

After putting away Matt Hughes is glorious fashion at UFC 123, BJ Penn is on fire. And to keep up the momentum, he’s counting on the help of Abmar Barbosa, who this year stood out for his performances at events like the Pan, where he took second, and the Asian Open, which he won. Abmar spoke a bit about what he’s doing in Hawaii with

So what’s the news?

I’m here in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I’m teaching a seminar this weekend. Soon I’ll go spend a week or two training with BJ Penn.

How did this opportunity to train with BJ Penn come about?

We spoke when Joe Lauzon introduced us, at UFC 123. I promised to pay him a visit to train and here I am.

And what’s on the schedule for after training with BJ?

I’ll return to Virginia, because I’m going to lead the Fairfax Jiu-Jitsu team in competition. There’s going to be a mega-training camp in February of about ten days at my branch in Providence. Besides that, there’s my DVD, which was launched in November and is selling like mad. I hope everyone likes it, I dedicated myself 100%. I’d also like to thank for the space it’s given me.