Wednesday 30th of June 2010 11:04 AM

By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Eduardo Ferreira

Behind the scenes on UFC 114, TATAME TV watched the meeting between Dana White, president of the American organization, and Ricardo Arona, former fighter of Pride. One month later we got in touch with the athlete to know how the negotiation was going with the American boss.

“I told him I wanted to fight on his event I and wanted to know what the odds of fighting on UFC were. He was pretty cool, told me he liked me and it could be a good idea, but that he would have to check it with UFC’s matchmaker, Joe Silva”, reminds the black belt, who plans a new trip to Las Vegas, United States. “My ideia is to get back there, watch another event and talk to him again. There were no promises made, what happened was a nice talk about something that could happen in the future”.

Focused on his knee recovery, injured on his last fight on Bitetti Combat, Arona is not in a rush to sign the contract with Ultimate. “Due to my knee injury, I’ll only be able to fight on the end of the year”, explains, revealing the possibility to do another fight before signing with the biggest MMA event of the world. “He (Dana White) commented something about me doing a fight before joining UFC’s crew, but there was no promise”, highlights.


Being the first Brazilian to confront Fedor Emelianenko, the guy from Niteroi (a city in Rio de Janeiro) complimented Fabrício Werdum’s performance against the Russian on Strikeforce. “Everytime people asked me about Fedor I said the same thing, that for you to beat him, the road to follow would lead you to Jiu-Jitsu, even though I believed that this fight would go in a different direction. I thought he would start the Jiu-Jitsu strategy being on top of him”, analyzes Arona, surprised with the fact that the victory came with only 69 seconds of combat. “It was too quick, for me that was the surprise, but I knew Jiu-Jitsu was the way to beat him”.