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Eight years after its unique edition in Brazil, ADCC, main No Gi event on earth, might return to Brazil next year, as informed by Wagner Gomes, secretary of ADCC in Brazil. “There’s the possibility that we bring world to Brazil, probably in September. It still depends on sponsorships and a good project for the International Committee, but they’ve already said we’re on it”, tells Wagner, on the chat that you can check below.


What are the expectations for the trials of the next edition of ADCC?


The trials for ADCC have started in 2010… There were trials in Croatia and the first round of the American’s trial, and some circuits in Europe, but everybody’s focusing on the Brazilian’s trials, where the best athletes of the world will be. This year, the competition will be greater due to the growth of ADCC, and the great opportunities given to the champions of 2009’s edition, in Barcelona, as Braulio Estima, Fabricio Werdum, Pablo Popovitch and Rafael Mendes, who has ministered many seminars and has taught Sheik Tahnoon, some champions of ADCC has begun their careers on MMA, ADCC is a great door for grapplers.


When the Brazilian trial will happen?


The trial is scheduled for April 30th and 1st of May in 2011. On the first day there’ll be the qualifying rounds, and on the second the semifinals and finals. We’re thinking about not having the trial in Rio, due to the lack of sponsorship. There’re many cities and new partners are looking for us and opening different doors for us. Until the beginning of January of 2011 we’ll pick a city to host the trials. Our trial can’t have more than 450 athletes, for us to guarantee the quality of the event. Unlike 2009, we’ll begin with the more numerous divisions, which probably will be the 77kg (169lbs) division, and then we’ll go for the girls and then the other weight divisions. We’ll set a schedule predicting the beginning of each division, because the timing depends on the overtime, which is always unpredictable.


How will be the new weighting thing?


Differently from the previous years, the weighting will be on the same day as the fights. On the beginning of each division, the athletes can check their weight on the qualifying or on the semifinals and finals. In case the athlete is heavier than his division he’ll be disqualified. We’ll have two scales so that the athletes can check their weight.


Will the event bring some news?


Like what we did in 2007, we’ll give certificates to all athletes that join the trials of 2011, independently of the result. We’ll have two opportunities in 2011: one still is a secret, and the other is that there’s the possibility of the world to happen in Brazil, probably in September. That still depends on sponsorship and a good project for the International Committee, but they’ve said we’re on it. We have this new layout on our website,, with all information about ADBB since its first edition, and you can check the results, the fights on the keys and World of 2009, besides other information about ADCC, like rules, articles, federations… To know more about it, dial (+55 21) 7864-2029 (id 10*2001), or get in touch with me via email: