With seven wins in a row, all by submissions on the first round, Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira finally will have his chance to fight on UFC. Benefited from Jason Brilz’s injury, the tough guy confronts the veteran Vladmir Matyushenko on UFC 122, which happens in November in German, and talked to TATAME about the opportunity. “I almost fought him in two different opportunities, but the events have back off. He’s a tough guy, don’t give up easily… He’s like neck meat”, affirmed the athlete from Chute Boxe, who talked about the time he stayed off, analyzed the division and a lot more.


How did you get the news you would finally have a chance on UFC?


The emotion is great, any athlete wants to be on the greatest event on earth. I wasn’t fighting, despondent, but Chute Boxe’s team was doing a well-thought-of work that even me, that am here on Rio de Janeiro, didn’t know about the negotiation. The Master Rudimar (Fedrigo) has always told me what was going on. Sensei SporTV gave me a lot of support and Master Rudimar called me to say congratulations, claiming I was on UFC and that the fight would be next month. If it was other event, I wouldn’t accept it immediately, but since it’s the UFC, I do any sacrifice.


How will you do your preparation for this fight?


I heard about it yesterday afternoon… I was kind of unmotivated, but today I’ve sent the contract signed for the United States and I’ll start to think about my game plan.


What do you know about Matyushenko?


I almost fought him in two different opportunities, but the events have back off. He’s a tough guy, don’t give up easily… He’s like very, very tough.


Your division is one of the toughest ones in the UFC…


Yeah, it’s the division on which the greatest UFC stars are now. Except Anderson Silva, who’s the man, this weight division has the greatest stars, like Shogun, Rashad… It’s a pleasure and a dream come true fighting on this division.


You almost fought Lyoto Machina in the past, replacing Thiago Silva, who was injured at the time, but the fight didn’t happen… DO you still think of it?


I’m getting to the event now, it’s too early to say anything. The guys are there for a long time, and so does Lyoto, he’s the former champion of the division, and I can’t say anything about him, only compliments.


You have been through some hard times and told TATAME you thought about quitting MMA, before getting the invitation of Rudimar Fedrigo to go to Chute Boxe to train…


It’s a God’s thing, there’s no explanation. The opportunity came, I was kind of discredited, I couldn’t do it anymore, but it came to cheer me up. I’ll do a great preparation for next month. And I want to thank Master Rudimar, the great responsible for this change in my career.


What the fans can hope of you on UFC?


Oh, man… I’ll do what I do best: I’ll give my best to do a great presentation and make a stand on the event.


Will Cacareco “Usain Bolt” be back?


It’s kind of complicated (laughs). It’s different when you have time to study your opponent… On this event I was caught by surprise, at the last minute because Matyushenko’s opponent (Jason Brilz) got hurt and they called me in.