Photo Esther Lin


Last Saturday, André Galvão suffered the second loss on his career, and the first one by knockout, falling in front of the undefeated Tyron Woodley in Strikeforce. Upset with the loss, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt let it out on his Facebook. “I’m here on the United States and I’ve decided to live here. I’m working it all out, trying to give my whole best. I was called at the last minute and didn’t have enough time to train as I should. Congratulations to my opponent”, wrote the fighter, criticizing his performance.


“Being pretty honest, my fight was awful and I wasn’t ready as I should. God allowed it so that I could learn from my mistake. When you have something to do, keep your entire focus on what you should do. It’s complicated you focus your entire self all at once, but I really messed it up. I thought I was fine, but I trained four weeks for this fight and it wasn’t enough”, said Galvão, making it clear which was the greatest learning on his mishap.


“It’s being really hard on my since the fight itself, and of course that after this defeat really affected me, for sure, but I know that it was due to a mistake I made and I won’t do it again”, guarantees. After the loss, the second in a row on his seven fights, André guarantees he’ll make it through on MMA. “I know many are saying I’m gone, that I can’t do it anymore, that I’m ruined. It’s normal… They really should say and express what they think, but I believe on the God I serve, and I know that the health and the strength he’ll give me, and already is giving me, is supernatural”, concluded.