By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Eduardo Ferreira


The responsible for some of the best Jiu-Jitsu championships on current days, World League Pro Jiu-Jtisu is preparing itself for this year’s edition of National Cup, and the expectations are high for the event, which opened its registration today with promotional prices (click here and guarantee your presence on the event)


“I believe it’ll be a great event because of its awards. I used the same model of event on World Cup last year and I imagine we’ll have over a thousand registered athletes again. I think it’ll be awesome, mainly because the athletes who have belts and for the guys who’ll try to steal it from them”, tells Fernando Lopes, the creator of the championship will give R$ 60 thousand for its champions.


The highlights of National Cup in 2009, Bernardo Faria, Michelle Nicolini, Beatriz Mesquita and Talita Nogueira will wait on the front seats for the absolute’s finale, but the tournament has an important change: “we’ve changed our schedule, it’ll be different now. We’ll not the guy finish one fight and, tired, fight against a rested guy. He’ll battle and the finale is only on the next day”, explains Fepa.


Click here to check the complete schedule of National Cup 2010 and to know more details of World League Pro Jiu-Jitsu’s tournament.