The reason this Jiu Jitsu match is so outstanding is that it is a real hero, in a real situation, acting in a way that virtually none of you reading this would be capable of. I have been eye gouged by an opponent trying to escape a submission and I lost my lid. But at no point in this match does Hardian lose his temperature. He does not force a disqualification, he does not insist on perfect position on the triangle re-start. He takes what he is given and with guts he does the right thing. He serves us all a moral lesson in how to behave on the mats. Hardian Kristiady is a true sports hero and the star of the best ever BJJ/Submission Grappling match in Asia.

Hardian Kristiady (black rash-guard, white shorts) vs M Noriadi (red shorts, no top). Djarum ISWC November 2006. Jakarta, Indonesia.