By Bruna Almeida

Photo Eduardo Ferreira


Outstanding fighter on the gentle art, after a year with a brown belt on his waist and the title of all championships he disputed, the super heavy Marcus “Buchecha” got the black belt by the hands of his Master Rodrigo Cavaca on the podium of World, after becoming a Jiu-Jitsu champion on the categories absolute and super heavy. And now, with only five months of black belt, the young guy of 20 years old has been conquering many important titles and making his name a huge one on the sport.


Still on the brown belt, the tough guy has a large résumé with titles of Pan Am, World Cup of WLPJJ, World No Gi in 2009, on the weight and absolute disputes, among others. As a black-belt, his greatest achievement so far is the Pan Am No GI in NYC, winning the weight and closing the absolute’s finale with Pablo Popovitch. Current living in Florida for almost five months, along with his training partner Thiago Baiano and his Master Rodrigo Cavaca, Buchecha refines his trainings to reach his professional goals.


“I’ve always trained with Cavaca and we are from Checkmat, and now we’re doing a work together with team Armony. I’m living on the United States, and I came to Florida, where I have nothing to complain about. I was nicely welcome in my new home, Armony Checkmat, and by the owner of the team, Joe Mullings, besides the fighters they have here, Edson Junior and Eduardo Guedes, apart from the ones I live with and are my friends like Raphael Chaves, Thiago Baiano and my Master Rodrigo Cavaca. Here on the United States we’re like family”, said, explaining why he moved to America. “I’ve changed because it was something I’ve always wanted, I wanted to teach here in America and live for Jiu-Jitsu, because in Brazil only the athletes themselves know how hard it is to live that way there. It was an opportunity that Cavaca and Joe have given me, and I can only thank them and make it worth”, tells the athlete.


Crawling as a black-belt, the fighter tells what his main goals are from now on. “Actually I’ve reached a few, the first was to get the black belt and the second was to teach here on the United States, now I hope I can keep the good flow I’m having on the competitions and repeat on the black belt the same conquest of the previous belts. We already are training hard here on Armony for Miami Open, in October 23. Our main goal is, for sure, World No Gi, in November 7. We’re training very hard. Cavaca is leading the trainings and pushing us a lot, and we’re doing the conditioning training with Jow, and now on this final phase we’ll intensify the trainings even more”, explains.


But the tough guy won’t stop that easily, and reveals he intends to join MMA world. “I have a wish to fight MMA, I already am training boxing with Ouali, but there’s no hush, because it’s something for the future. First of all I want to reach my goals as a black-belt and later I think it’d be a good time to make my debut”, reveals, sending his message:


“I’d like to thank to God in first place, and all who’ve helped me all the way, always giving me support to fight on the leagues, signing raffles or helping me on the trainings; to Joe Mullings, Thiago Baiano and Rafael Chaves, who’ve always been there for me, and my Master Cavaca, who has believed me on the very beginning and gave me this opportunity. I couldn’t forget Sr. Clayton and Lady Bete. If it wasn’t because of my parents supporting me on the sport, I wouldn’t be here today”, concluded Buchecha.