By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Josh Hedges


Rousimar Palhares made a huge mistake and conceded the win to Nate Marquardt on the main event of UFC Fight Night 22, event that happened on Wednesday on the United States. Before coming back to Brazil, Murilo Bustamante, the coach of Rousimar on Brazilian Top Team, talked to TATAME and regretted the athlete’s distraction, what cost him the loss.


“He thought that the Guy (Nate) had vaseline and made the mistake to try to complain about it to the referee on the wrong moment. He was naïve at that moment, he should have complained during the break and he’d check it. The guy didn’t do anything illegal, he took advantage of the lack of naughtiness of Rousimar. The Commission checked and they said there was no grease on his ankle. It’s over now, let’s move on. We learn from our mistakes”, explains.


Despite the loss, Murilo celebrates the performance of his athlete, who was better on the fight until the moment of the mess. “Let’s start it all over again, there’s not much to think about. He fought well, got the right timing, took him down… He hushed things a bit, the strategy was for him to attack his feet on the end of the round, but he’s much better now. We know that the strategy was working and next time he’ll be better. It’s on the past now”.


What calls our attention is the fact that it was Palhares second mistake, because on the previous fight he had some problems with the referee, when he took a lot of time to let go Tomasz Drwal’s feet. “We’ve talked about it a lot, he knows what he did wrong. I guarantee it won’t happen again, he learned the lesson on the worst possible way, paying for his distraction and lack of naughtiness. Maybe the other fighter could stop to see what it was about, but Nate kept on going and didn’t do anything illegal. It was a lesson learned. It happens”, concluded.