Photo Eduardo Ferreira


Roberto Cyborg Abreu (The Avengers) was the great name of World No Gi, competition that heat California this past weekend, being broadcasted live – and free – on the internet. The tournament, which brought thousands of competitors to the American arena, saw Cyborg’s triumph on the ultra heavy and absolute disputes, beating David Hertzog (Hertzog BJJ) on the absolute grand finale.


Pablo Popovitch (The Avengers), who got the third place on the absolute dispute, earned the golden medal among the medium heavies, beating Daniel Moraes (Relson Gracie) on the finals. Other guy who called the attention was the super heavy João Assis (CheckMat). The athlete, who recently beat the brothers Xande and Saulo Ribeiro, shone again until he split the division’s title with the young Marcus Buchecha, his teammate. Both beat Gustavo Pires (Gracie Barra) and Bruno Bastos (Nove União) on the semifinals.


Favorite for the division title, the light feather Caio Terra (Gracie Fighter) got to the finals along with his teammate Samir José, and got the golden medal. Among the mediums, other favorite shone: Gilbert Durinho (Atos) got the title, beating names like Thaigo Alves (Barbosa JJ), Victor Estima (Gracie Barra) and Lucas Leite (CheckMat), who filled the podium, on this order. Guaranteeing the only gold medal of Alliance on the male dispute on the black belt category, Lucas Lepri beat Augusto Tanquinho (Soul Fighters).


With Brazilian domain in many division of the black belt, three foreigners manage to steal the scene. On the rooster weight, Brandon Mullins (Gracie Barra) beat Joseph Capizzi (Renzo Gracie) on a unique fight. On the feather weight, Justin Rader (Ribeiro JJ) beat Carlos Esquisito (CheckMat) on the finals. On the heavy weight, the American Rafael Lovato, who became world champion on the black belt after a triumph over BJ Penn, guaranteed another title for the team of Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, leaving names of Gracie Barra and Alliance behind.


Nicolini and Mesquita shine among the women


The female disputes were also tied. On the light weight filled of tough girls, Beatriz Mesquita (Gracie Rio de Janeiro) beat Claudia Gadelha (Nova União) by one advantage and but Michelli Nicolini (CheckMat) on the golden dispute. Facing each other again on the absolute, Michelle got a vantage, beat Bia and guaranteed the title. Gadelha, who had won twice, felt for Penny Thomas (Gracie Rio de Janeiro), again by an advantage, on the quarterfinals. Fabiana Borges (Gracie Barra) completed the absolute podium.


Great favorite for the gold among the lightest, Letícia Ribeiro guaranteed another title to Gracie Rio de Janeiro, beating Sofia Amarante (The Avengers) on the finals. Lucia Monteiro (CheckMat) was the best on the medium heavy, beating Penny Thomas (Gracie Rio de Janeiro) on the last fight. Emily Kwok (alliance) got the gold on the medium, beating Michelle Tavares on her only fight, while the lonely Katrina Weilbacher (Paragon) won without having to fight.


Click here to check the complete results of the tournament, which was won by ChackMat on the adult dispute, Gracie Barra on the master and American Top Team on the juvenile, and Gracie Rio de Janeiro ruling the female dispute