By Eduardo Ferreira
Photo Eduardo Ferreira

Traioning for his next UFC appointment, when he will confront Alan Belcher on UFC Fight Night 22, scheduled to happen on September 25, Demian Maia took some time to go to Salvador, where he trains with Luis Carlos Dórea, Junior Cigano and Rogério Minotouro. “I’m in Salvador now, but I have been doing some training here and some in Sao Paulo, I’m not focusing on anything in particular, I’m training it all equally”.


While Demian works on his boxing skills, his opponent, worried with the Brazilian’s ground game, is on Rio de Janeiro, where he is training his Jiu-Jitsu with the world champion Daniel Moraes. “I’ve heard that Belcher is in Brazil, and I think he’s right, everybody tries to keep evolving”, commented Demian, who analyzed his opponent’s ground game. “People may surprise me on the ground. Belcher also can, even because he’s training and he’s a brown belt, has a good Jiu-Jitsu and is working on it”, commented.