Photo: Carlos Ozório

Antonio Peinado had his first experience as an MMA coach with Demian Maia, who was successful in his December outing against Kendall Grove. And the effort bore fruit, with Junior Cigano picking him as one of the coaches for the The Ultimate Fighter reality show about to start shooting next week.

The Alliance black belt addressed the subject to

How do you feel about this chance to be on TUF, helping Cigano’s team against Brock Lesnar’s?

I’m so glad Cigano picked me. I feel I did a good job with Demian, when we were in Bahia. I feel I lived up to expectations and Cigano realized it. We became good friends up there and now this invitation came about. I’m really anxious, I’ll give it my all and, if it’s up to me, Cigano and his team will kick butt.

Do you feel this may get in the way of the Jiu-Jitsu events going on at the start of the year?

To tell you the truth, I don’t feel it will get in the way. It’s a really great opportunity. I was confirmed for the European Open and I had some seminars scheduled around Europe, but all this happened really quickly. I don’ think it will get in the way, because I’m going to keep on doing my preparations and training the crew. I’m going to try and train in the gi over there and then I’ll compete at the Pan and World Pro. I’ll go full force to the Worlds to win, too.

Peinado and Demian trained together in Bahia. Photo: personal archive.

Now what positives do you feel this opportunity will bring?

To tell you the truth, I couldn’t believe it when Cigano invited me. I spent three days without sleep, every athlete dreams of being there and experiencing some of what goes on there. I’ll keep down to earth, do the job just right like Fabio (Gurgel) taught me to. I’ll try and convey that. It’s something the whole world will see and being there gets your name out there. I’m really thankful to Cigano for the invitation and I’m going to dedicate myself 110% so we’ll come out victorious.

Has Fabio shared some of his experience in MMA with you since you started working in the field?

Fabio always shared that type of stuff with us, not just when we’re involved in MMA. He always teaches everyone and shares his experience from back when he fought MMA. Of course, I’m going to forge ahead with that information.