Having won his submission grappling match at Japanese event Deep, Gilbert Durinho pushes ahead in no-gi competition. The black belt’s next commitment is at the No-Gi Worlds, to take place November 7 in California.

“I’m going to do my weight and the absolute at the No-Gi Worlds,” the Atos ace advises

“I always wanted to do the absolute, but my main focus is my division. I spoke with André Galvão and he urged me to go. I was keen on doing this absolute,” he adds.

Durinho (sitting) celebrates Deep win with Satoshi (brown belt). Photo: publicity.

In the mean time, the black belts carries on with training in the Land of the Rising Sun, where he counts on a great group of training partners.

“I’m still here in Japan training at Bonsai with Marcos Souza (Asian Open heavy and open weight champion) and Satoshi (brown belt middle and open weight champion). They are helping me a lot in my preparations,” he says.

“Even being far from my team and teacher, Ramon, we’re always in contact. I speak with them almost daily and we talk a lot about what I’m doing in training and they guide and correct me. Not just Ramon, but all my teammates at Atos, including the Mendes’ Frazatto, Guto Campos, Calasans, Ivaniel, Eduardo Ramos, Caporal, and André Galvão, who is waiting for me over in San Diego, where I’ll do my final preparations for the Worlds. Despite so many people on the team traveling the world teaching seminars, the cool thing is that everyone roots for the other and it’s greatly satisfying to everyone – even so far away – to see our teammates happy, living the life they enjoy living, whether competing or teaching Jiu-Jitsu,” says the submission wizard.

Do as Gilbert Durinho does and secure your spot at the No-Gi Worlds. Sign-ups end Saturday and registration can be performed by clicking here.