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Champion of World No Gi of Califórnia, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt Gilbert Durinho didn’t want to rest and took a plane and went straight to México, where he ministered a seminar. “I still didn’t stop (laughs)… I left Japan, went straight to the USA and, after World No GI ended, I had some seminars scheduled here on Mexico City on one of the branches of Top Brother, of the coach Cezar Guimarães (Casquinha)”, tells Durinho, who will stay on the city until November 28. Enjoying his staying on the country, the fighter was invited to follow a seminar of Cain Velasquez, new heavyweight champion of UFC.


“It was much productive, Cain is bizarre (laughs)”, tells Gilbert, impressed with the skills of the Mexican. “He has a good Wrestling, has many details, I could learn a lot. He showed moves of single legs and on the clinch that, by the way, he’s really good at”, explains, revealing he was impressed with the heavyweight since his fight against Cheick Kongo, curiously the only bout Velasquez didn’t win by knockout. “I started to notice him from this fight on, but then he beat Minotauro and I can’t say anything else. I was thrilled to learn a bit from him. And in the end it was kind of funny because I was giving an interview for a local paper and they asked me what I thought about the fight between Cigano and Velasquez, and the guys were pretty mad at me (laughs)… I’m pro Cigano, right? But it’ll be a war, Cain is bizarre, I saw it closely”, concludes.