In 2003, if you asked any man who would beat Royler Gracie at the ADCC in Brazil, names like Leo Vieira, Rhany Yahra, maybe Baret Yoshida would come up. Nobody would ever ever even think it would be possible for than brown belt, Eddie Bravo, to not only defeat Royler…but submit him? Eddie did. And to those who are close to him, he was a man on a mission with one objective and he fulfilled that dream to a tee! Since that match, Royler Gracie never competed in ADCC tournaments again, nor did Eddie. Royler is still a legend in BJJ and Grappling, but Eddie pretty much went from underdog to Grappling superstar! After the match, Eddie received his black belt from the Machado brothers, announced the opening of his first school, 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu and is now known as one of Jiu-jitsu’s

Innovators and masters of No Gi Grappling.

Now, Eddie has not fought in a Grappling match or tournament since. Nor has Royler. And rumours of a rematch have been circulating the internet for years.

Now, Eddie has recently announced his intention to do the rematch and prove the doubters wrong:

There’s no doubt Eddie Bravo has come a long way since his ADCC victory over the favored Gracie. The future has yet to be determined but this could be just what the BJJ community needs to stir things up and bring some more interest. The internet is waiting to see what happens next.