The European Championship will be held at the Sports Palace of Modena

Palanderlini with offices in Pop.

The briefing between athletes and coaches and referees are official CBJJE terra’dalle 10.00 to 11.00; The European Championship will begin ‘at 11.30.

It’s necessary for all athletes do find inside the building for hours 09.45.


The weight of the athletes will ‘run before every fight, there will be’ weight tolerance.
For weight means the athlete more ‘Kimono.

The competition will last ‘two days and will start ‘on Saturday morning with the Junior category Males and Females then move on to Adult, the Master and Senior.
Sunday afternoon there will be the absolute Adult, Master, and Senior categories – 78 kg + 78 kg and a prize of 1000 Euro for the Adult category.

Registration for the European Championship and ‘Euro 60 per person and payment will be ‘carried the day.
The official entry to the race must ‘be made mandatory through the form that you find inside the site by filling out the request.

Registration must ‘be received within 7 days from event. (By November 15 inclusive).