With only two years of Jiu-Jitsu, the paranaense João Ricardo Miyao of 19 years already blunts as promise in the soft art. The blue belt started first in Judô to the 15 years and later the Jiu-Jitsu knew, for which if it got passionate. Exactly on little time practising, the he already counts on important headings in the resume. João already was champion native of São Paulo, American, champion South of the World League Pro, but the heading that marked more it until today was the Brazilian of 2009. “I made three fights duríssimas, but with the aid of God I obtained to surpass my adversaries, to this also marked me Brazilian because it was my first great championship who I disputed”, João commented.

The routine of this paranaense well is pulled. Fera wakes up ace every day six hours of the morning to carry through its functional training, physical musculação, race and training in general. Later, for return of the eight of the morning, already without quimono, the athlete acts the entire day as agent of the IBGE and comes back to dress quimono to the end of the service and trains up to one nine hours of the night. Although the afflicted life, João faces the difficulties with serenity and the support of its brother Pablo Miyao. “I am a normal person, a Brazilian, who with race, faces the difficulties as challenges and not as punishment. In the truth nobody of my family apóia me, to be my brother, who is every day ralando with me in the academy, and with sweat did not obtain to sagrar itself Champion World-wide in 2010”, said the band-blue one.

The biggest dream of this talentoso youngster is to be able to survive only e exclusively of the Jiu-Jitsu and to open an academy. Different of many boys of its age, who long for a career in the MMA and dream in fighting in the UFC, the focus of João is in the Jiu-Jitsu and if to depend on ídolo where it is if espelhando, its future promises. “Mine ídolo without a doubt some is Rafael Mendes, for me it is a to be followed figure in such a way is as inside of the tatames, always taking the life in the humildade and with patience to surpass its challenges”, it finished Miyao.