by Ida Hansson,

Finally. Finally, finally.

For the first time, I have been at the top of the podium as brown / black belt, the feeling is wonderful, there’s nothing like the feeling you have on the very top of the podium, or when the referee lifts your arm in the air after the fight. Unfortunately, it will again only be a short description of what has happened, I am celebrating the victory with having a fever and cough …: (

Saturday was the open class. I was not sure I would participate in the open class, as I wrote in the previous post, I injured thumb, but I decided to hope for the best and go for it, a good decision.
The first fight was against a short judo girl who was heavier than me, she throws me twice, and leads in points with 30 seconds left, and do not ask me where it came from, but when it’s 5 seconds left I throw her and win on points. Second match is against a long spider guard girl, also a tough fight, it ends without points, but with 4-2 advantage to me I think. Both fights were hard, and when I stand and think that now it can hardly be worse, I see my opponent, 120 kg … FUCK!
Almost the entire fight is standing, I fly like a rag doll when she pulls me, none of us are able to throw the other one and then I hear that my coach screaming and SEO NAGE! Okay, fuck it! Now I’ll just do it, take a deep breath and enter the takedown, and I got it!!! Simply amazing, I don’t understand how, but I get two points and I am ahead until it is about 2 minutes left, then I get taken down and end at the bottom, and yes, I feel like a minute steak when I get up after the fight, but all in all I am very pleased. 😀

Sunday is the weight class at. 9 AM, the body feels as if I’ve been hit by a small car the day before, perhaps that is because that is what happened. The fights starts and I throw my opponent, I don’t get any points, but I manage to pass her guard and mount her. The match ends 12-0 to me I think she was tired at the end. :)Second fight is against a girl with an aggressive closed guard, which she jumping a couple of times, but I manage to open it each time and finally she is tired, I pass her and again to mount, I go for an armbar, which I don’t get, but I win the fight on points. The first to fights were pretty easy, I don’t think the girls did so much cardio before the competition, they were both good, but after a few minutes of the fight, they were both really tired. The final is the same girl who I met in the semifinals in the open class. The girl with the spider guard. She jumps guard pretty quickly, and I work from the top. I manage to roll up her neck several times, I think we are at least 50% of the time with her rolled up on her neck and me trying to keep her there. I did not manage to pass her guard, but she works like crazy. She almost succeeds in sweeping me in the end, but I manage to turn up on all fours and crawl away, so she only gets an advantage. I won the fight 4-2 in advantages , I think, I barely remember, I was so happy, I could not hold back the tears. I’ve finally won a major internationally recognized competition in brown / black, at last I proved that I belong in that class as I am in now.

The video will come online when we come home again, the connection here is too poor to upload anything.

Unfortunatly I can’t upload any pictures right now, but I will later.

Now I’m going back to bed again, taking care of my fever. : (