Jacaré blows out the candles!

Fabio Gurgel’s worldwide seminar tour didn’t lack an encounter with Alliance master Romero Jacaré. Better still, it was on the red-and-black belt’s birthday celebrations last Saturday.

“It took place at GRACIEMAG GMA Felipe Zicro’s academy, Alliance Tallahassee. The seminar lasted three hours, and Jacaré and I did a long sequence of techniques for Felipe’s students at our branch here in the capital of Florida. We could tell there was a lot of new talent that will soon reinforce the team. But the main thing was being able to see how our teaching methods are being replicated perfectly around these parts,” remarks Gurgel.

“After the seminar, we took the chance to celebrate Master Jacaré’s birthday on the mats, and he has made it to fifty-eight in fine form!” says the General in celebration., too, sends its congratulations to Master Jacaré!

Zicró, Jacaré and Gurgel at Alliance Tallahassee