Friday 18th of June 2010 11:13 AM

By Erik Engelhart

Photo personal release

No-Gi weigh and absolute world champion and third place on ADCC, Hillary Williams conquest recently the most important title of her career, the golden medal on BJJ Worlds 2010, which happened on the beginning of this month in California.

And the fighter now enters a new phase, receiving the black belt last Saturday (12), in a seminar on the gym West Side MMA, in Arkansas, United States. The though girl received the black belt from professors Ronaldo “The Crazy Cuban” Delgado and Justin “White Rice”. Rodrigo Cavaca, Hillary’s coach here in Brazil, knows the responsibility of his pupil will only grow, and now he already thinks about the possible confrontations on the black belt category.

“Now the responsibility is even greater, since it’s coming now, because she’s got such a little time to practice, but she has been doing good fights with really tough black belt girls. It’s all a matter of time and dedication. Although she is really dedicated, she’ll have to go that extra mile to start going head to head with the tops like Kyra, Bia Mesquita, Luanna and the absolute crew, such as Penny Thomas”, he said, for seeing a victorious future ahead of her. “It’s all a matter of time until she can go toe to toe with these women who have been on the scene so long with all these world titles on their backs”, commented Cavaca.