GRAPPLING WEEKLY – First off congratulations on your recent win at the European ADCC Qualifier. How did your matches go at the qualifiers?

Jorge Britto – Thanks ! I had 5 matches. I won my two first by sub , and the 3 last ones by points.

GRAPPLING WEEKLY – Was this your first time competing for an ADCC event?

JORGE BRITTO – No was my second , first time was in 2007 at the south american trials in Rio de Janeiro .

GRAPPLING WEEKLY – For those who don’t know you, give the Grappling Weekly followers a little background on your training history, where you came from and where you are now?

JORGE BRITTO – I came from Rio de Janeiro Brasil , i started train Jiu jitsu in 1993 ,in a little Jiu jitsu club in my neighbourhood (tijuca) with a Carlson Gracie black belt (Fernando Nutry Baby)

until 1997 when i change to Gracie Tijuca there i had Saulo Ribeiro and Vini aieta as a professors always with Royler Gracie supervision,
I recieve my black belt in 2005 and compete in BJJ was always part of my life and i learned a lot on this years competing and training at Gracie tijuca and Humaita.My MMA career start in 2004 and i had opportunity to train in many diferent camps but the opportunity to train at BLACK HOUSE in 2007/08 was very important as an athlete , i felt a big improvement after the whole seasson over there. Then in 2008 i move to Canada and here I am!

GRAPPLING WEEKLY – Being a full time instructor in Toronto, how were you able to prepare for this competition?

JORGE BRITTO – My camp is in my academy with my students .We have a lot of though guy here and im vary happy to have my soldiers as my training partners, but i cant forget Xande and Saulo when they come here itry to training with then as much as i can.

GRAPPLING WEEKLY – Will you be fighting MMA events more this year or will you mainly focus on competing at the upcoming ADCC?

JORGE BRITTO dont know yet, just if something really good show up. Lets see how the things go.
But for now main focus on the ADCC.

GRAPPLING WEEKLY – Is there any sponsors or people you would like to thank for helping you to get this opportunity and win?

JORGE BRITTO – First I’ll like to thank JESUS he is everything in my life and if something happend its to show his power in my life !
For sure all my family from Tronto BJJ every single person !!!! My beautiful wife to be with me all the time and you to give the opportunity to show my work.
God Bless all!!