Interview by Janne Maunonen:

She is the first lady of Jiu-Jitsu. The Girl that made Jiu-jitsu appealing to both genders. She is the daughter of a powerful family. She is Kyra Gracie.

JM- Hi Kyra. How’s it going?

KG- Hi Janne !!!

JM- You started your year with a bang achieving the Jiu-Jitsu World Title once again beating very tough Luana Alzuguir in the Finals. Your last big wins came 2008 winning Mundials and Brazilian nationals. It’s good to see you back. What happened between these championships and did you change something in your training for this year?

KG- In 2009, I had a serious back injury, so I was not able to be at my best shape. So 2010 I recovered and I came back with this victory.

JM- What can we expect from you this year? More tournaments with GI and No-GI?

KG- 2011 I will be competing JJ tournaments and I also have the ADCC

JM- You have also competed successfully in ADCC winning the World Title in 2005 and 2007. What your plans for the ADCC 2011?

KG- I wanna win again, because last ADCC I could not compete because of my injury.

JM- Where do you train at the moment and with who?

KG- I’m training in Brazil with Gordo but I’m always traveling to train with my uncles Renzo and Rillion.

JM- And how do you train? What is your normal schedule of the week?

KG- My schedule changes according to my tournaments. Usually I train twice or three times daily

JM- How about your day of training? I know everyone wants to know how the champions train.

KG- A normal day, I wake up have a good breakfast, Gracie diet, after I have a work out session, then some JJ, rest and more JJ at night.

JM- Does it bring a pressure as you are the most known female fighter in grappling worldwide? Adding the name Gracie to that and people expects big things from you every time you fight. How do you manage such a pressure?

KG- I’m already used to that. I try not to put pressure in my shoulders. I just go there try to do my best and honor my family´s name.

JM- How do you see the future of the grappling arts and specially females in grappling?

KG- I hope it grows more and more. My dream is to see the next generation making money in the sport.

JM- You are also involved with social project in Brazil. Can you tell me more about it?

KG- I started two years ago. It’s doing great, I have over 200 kids training Jiu-Jitsu with me. The project is in Vargem Grande, I have two places, each of them is inside a nonprofit organization, and these kids get food, tutoring, etc…

JM- Is working with kids something that you have done for long and do you thing that would be something you continue to do after the fighting career too?

KG- For sure I’ll continue, in a near future they will be competing in the black belt division.

JM- That’s nice. Is there anything else you want to say to readers?

KG- Thanks all for the support and for the good energy. I’m always reading ADCC !! If you wanna know more about my carrier check my website
All the best ooossss

JM- Thanks Kyra. Osssssssss