Rickson to teach in Belo Horizonte. Photo: Publicity.

Rickson Gracie will teach for the first time in Minas Gerais this October. One month earlier, on September 18 in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, the red-and-black belt taught another successful seminar.

“It was the first time Rickson had been to the ABC Paulista region. We had one hundred students signed up, ninety-nine men and one woman, of all belt colors. It was just like training with Pelé,” said vibrant black belt Marcelo Oliveira, organizer of the event, addressing the event to

The seminar counted among its ranks practitioners from Florianópolis, Mato Grosso and Bahia. As is the norm in his classes, Rickson explained the topics to be addressed, started with Jiu-Jitsu history and, next, began teaching basic techniques, mostly, but with some variances that make all the difference.

Rickson will now teach in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, on the coming 16th of October at a four-hour seminar. For further information, send an email to