Photo George Zohrab


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Cassio Wernek, Zaid Mirza confirmed that he will produce, in Jordan, the trials for World Pro of Abu Dhabi. The event will happen on November 26 and 27 on Baccalaureate School, in Amman, and it’ll be opened for the athletes from the white to the purple belt. Because it’s a strategically located place, since it’s a Mediterranean country and so the access is easy for the athletes of the north Africa, the event promises to have an international style.


The fighters will dispute the ticket and the staying for 10 days in Abu Dhabi for the event that promises to pay almost US$2 millions as a reward. “To bring the trials of World Pro is very important for Jiu-Jitsu, not only in Jordan but to the whole area. There are many interested fighters in Syria, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Egypt, and North Africa. These countries may dispute the trials in Jordan or in Bahrain.  In the name of Jiu-Jitsu, I thank the area of the royalty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the support and determination for the lovers of the gentle art”, said Zaid Mirza.


But it’s not Jiu-Jitsu that promises to heat Jordan. On the following weekend there’ll be an edition of Desert Fighting Championship, on December the 3rd, also on the Jordan’s capital. This event might have about 10 MMA fights, most of them of fighters coming from Arabian countries. “We’re setting distinct cards, one with Arab debutants and an international one”, explains Mirza.


The event was almost canceled due to the sudden death of the Ambassador Azmi Mirza, father of Zaid and a notorious picture on the politics’ scene. “My father was a great Jiu-Jitsu and MMA lover and for sure he’d like me to have this event done. It’s a way of making a tribute to him and prestige the country he loved so much”, completed the black-belt, one of the great supporters of Jiu-Jitsu and MMA on the Middle East, revealing that the event will be broadcasted live by Abu Dhabi Sport TV.


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