The city of Shanghai, in China, receives all year the Expo Shangai, considered the biggest fair of the world. To have an idea, each country has a pavilion of the approach size of the River Center, and these pavilions had been constructed especially for the Expo, where each one has to designer that it symbolizes the country. Per day the Expo receives about 400 a thousand people and the expectation is that this year 70 million people visit the fair, that will have duration of six months.

One of the sports that more grow in the world, the Jiu-Jitsu could not be of is. In days 30 and 31 of August the Expo counted on a great presentation of martial arts, carried through for WJAJC (Wrestling Judo Association Jiu Jitsu Community). The presentation counted on demonstrations of Kung Fu and Jiu-Jitsu, that had been made by the athletes of Checkmat BJJ (Leo Vieira, Chico Mendes and Marcelo Andreoli) and by the teams of the Arab Emirates, that 15 athletes ordered, between them Mayan Michel, Marcelo Motta, Oscar Júnior, Maico Reiter and Bruno Lopes, among others.

“Since that the Federacy started to work here, it is incredible as it comes here growing the BJJ in China. We are four days in function of the event and was very maneiro the interaction with galera Brazil-China-U.A.E-Japan. Nor I have that to speak of the Brazilians, galera after pulled until pagode in the bus the Expo (laughs). Until the Arabs they had entered in the trick and they had also sung. It had one day that we were in one would churrascaria Brazilian to kill the homesickness and to show a little of our culture for the Chinese, Arabs and Japanese”, counted Chico Mendes.