Joao Assis, #1 RATED and Undisputed Heavyweight Grappler in the World


– Defeated 2009 World Abu Dhabi Champion, Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro

– 2010 CBJJ World No-Gi Super-Heavy Weight Champion

– 2010 Grapplers Quest’s $11,500 CASH 32-Man
“World’s Best Grappler at Tachi Palace”

– 2010 Mr. Olympia World Absolute No-Gi Champion

– 2010 UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas Pro Absolute Champion

– 2010 World Series of Grappling Absolute Champion
– Defeated Grappling Hall of Famer, Saulo Ribeiro in a Challenge Superfight

If you disagree, I respect your opinion, but please don’t disrespect our proud and humble champion. He’s earned the respect of the grappling world and looks forward to challenge ALL takers in all leagues and events in 2011, starting off with Grapplers Quest!