By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Guilherme Cruz


Unbeaten on MMA, Jussier “Formiga” Silva is the number one on international MMA, but the lack of good challenges made him to search other sports so that he does not loses his focus. “Since my next MMA is not scheduled yet, I’ll keep training hard and I’ll keep myself competing so I don’t lose my conditioning, as we always do in our gym, because Jair (Lourenço) demands it from us (laughs)”, tells Formiga, revealing he has his eyes on Jiu-Jitsu’s titles.


“My focus now is the World of CBJJE. I intended to also fight the World on the United States, but unfortunately my visa was denied”, regrets the flyweight, revealing the negative answer he got from the Consulate and that he could not do business on the United States. “On that time, Dedé (Pederneiras) had scheduled five fights for me on the American event, but it wasn’t God’s wish and my visa was denied”, explains, focused on a title on the mats.


“We’re training a lot of Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, because my strategy is to impose my rhythm on my bouts in the search of better results”, guarantees, promising a Kimura’s invasion in Sao Paulo. “I’ll change to a lighter division for World, only on the black belt we’ve got 15 athletes. My goal is the win and it’ll be glorious if I reach my goal and close up the division title with my training partner Yoshinoro “Japa”, who also is well prepared”.


After the Jiu-Jitsu’s competition, Formiga does not think about resting. “My next appointment will be on Challenger of the Night, a Muay Thai event that came from Europe and heated up Brazil, and I had the privilege of winning the belt on the previous edition. Now we’re negotiating my belt defense, which probably will be on the end of August”, reveals, sending a message of thank to Jair, Dedé, Netinho Pegado and Poli: “that’s the crew I believe in and that composes Kimura Nova União’s family”.