Kid wanted to celebrate and pay tribute to a legend. Four and a half years after his early passing ,today Grandmaster Carlson Gracie would’ve been 78 years old. The legendary member of the Gracie family was a fixture on tournaments and MMA fights everywhere. He had a quick smile and a warmth about him but he was also always just as quick to call anyone on a dispute, be it a referee that made a bad call or even a brother who he had a disagreement with. But he was just as quick to forgive and to embrace. Nothing would give him more pleasure than watching his students perform and win. He was totally dedicated to GJJ and his students. Carlson left a legacy of Champions and top instructors.

My fondest memories of the Master was always watching him coaching and encouraging his students and athletes to do better at tournaments and how he’d always call me as “Master” in front of others both showing how humble he was and always eliciting a head shake as I would tell him: “Please Master, don’t say that.”

To all his beloved students and friends Grandmaster Carlson Gracie was and is forever a legend. He is dearly missed.

GM Carlson raising another trophy

GM Carlson raising another trophy

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,