By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Eduardo Ferreira  


Few days after winning on Sendoku 14, Leo Santos has been confirmed on the following edition of the event, which happens on October 30 in Japan. On a quick chat with TATAME, the black belt talked about the trainings with José Aldo, Marlon Sandro, Luis Beição and Diego Nunes on the United States, and the expectations of the team for WEC 51 and the strategy he will use against Maximo Blanco, his opponent on Sendoku 15.


“I could tell he’s a good wrestler, has a heavy hand… I watched his fight with Rodrigo (Damm), I also watched some of his previous fights and it that same old thing: I have to be alert at all times during those 15 minutes. I can’t give him a break because, at any moment, he can try to punch me and knock me out. I’m training with the guys, with Marlon (Sandro), Junior (José Aldo), and very good guys… I’m confident and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be fine on the day of the fight”, Leo told TATAME, ready for a good fight. “I could tell he’s a good wrestler, has a heavy hand, but, if he’s good on Wrestling, I’ll bring him to my area, and I think it’s where he’ll have problems staying. I’m working hard on it”.