By Eduardo Ferreira

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Hosted in New York, Long Island was the stage of the fourth edition of Long Island Pride, which happened last Sunday (12) on the United States and had 350 athletes on the dispute. Splitting the athletes in two different weight divisions, above and until 169 pounds, on which the champion would win the belt, Brazil completely dominated the event. On the lighter division, Lucas Lepri (alliance) was the great champion as he beat Renan Borges (BTT) on the finals.


“It’s the fourth time I win the absolute title, on the previous editions there was only one absolute dispute, but on this one they split it into two. I fought three times, on the two firsts I submitted my opponents, one on the back and the other with an armbar. On the finale I fought Renan Borges and scored 35×0. I felt great, with the positions and the right timing and the good conditioning. My students did a great job too. We brought 19 of them, we won 12 golden medals, a silver one and three of bronze. I’d like to thank all my students that, besides being my pupils, are my training partners, to Babs and Fabio Clemente who support me, besides my sponsors Keiko Sports and KP, that help me on my conditioning”, told Lepri, who already have plans for the next competitions. “I’ll fight on Pan No Gi and on World No Gi, and then I’ll rest until the end of the year, to start 2011 with a good preparation for the main events of the year”.


On the division above, the two-time world champion, Ricardo Demente (Nova União), submitted three of his opponents, including on the final against Guybson Sá (SAS), to win the belt. “It was great to win this title, mainly because I didn’t know NY neither Long Island and getting off there with the belt was even better, two reasons to be happy”, commented Demente. Former UFC fighter Hermes França fought on the division called “coaches” and became the champion as he beat Leonardo da Silva on the finale. On the final score, the team of Vitor Shaolin got the big pot, leaving Lotus Club and Kioto BJJ behind.