Photo Esther Lin


Veteran of the rings, Jorge Patino “Macaco” was called in five days before he confronted André Galvão on the last edition of Strikeforce and did not let anyone down. Better on the first round, Macaco tells he slowed it down due to an injury, suffered yet on the initial round. “I did a good first round, getting two knockdowns on my opponent, but when the first round ended, I realized I had broken my left hand. I told Evangelista Cyborg and he told me to move on, said I was doing a good job on the fight”, reminds the fighter, who is on the fighting business for over 15 years.


“On the second round, my opponent didn’t want to do the stand-up game and put me down and controlled the position. On the third I was conscious, moving, and the judge stopped the fight without a reason. He made a mistake because I wasn’t done”, comments. Having a broken hand and the invitation at the last minute, Macaco celebrates the good act. “I continued to fight even having a broken hand just to give Strikeforce a show”, concluded the fighter, who went under surgery last Wednesday.