Message from Rohit Seth, Ontario Grappling Alliance President:

Grappling has been growing as a well received and loved sport in Canada and the United States. Time to time we are extra fortunate, in that, our friends of the sport turn and look towards Canada to help foster its development by raising participation at events not only at the amateur level, but also in the pro game – Grapplers Quest is one in Grappling.

The Ontario Grappling Alliance (OGA) is proud to announce the arrival of Grapplers Quest Canadian National Championships. The producers of The Best Submission Fighters in the World are finally coming to Canada. Get more info at:

To OGA, this is the quintessential turning point in the history of Canadian Grappling. We are receiving registration in numbers as never before, from across North America. This means that Grapplers Quest will bring all styles of the Grappling art, to a single stage. It is exactly the push we have been hoping and striving for. Athletes will learn more from this event in one day than they would in weeks of local training. Best matches will be fought, the personal best of the athlete will be raised, and new techniques will be practiced on Monday, back at the Dojo, after the event has long announced it Champions – They, who will be marked as first in history to compete in the Canadian Grapplers Quest.

The expertise and stage presence for all athletes, originally ushered, and brought to you by CEO Brian Cimins of Grapplers Quest Canada, is second to none. They truly care about the experience for their athletes and strive to improve and go beyond the expectations of competitors. It is no wonder they were hand selected by UFC for the UFC Fan Expo Grappling Tournaments. In fact, Grapplers Quest was the first to introduce Women’s Pro Superfights at its events. A stage now throned by the tremendous talents of Penny Thomas, Tracy Goodell, and many more. The Grapplers Quest Canadian National Championships will feature Saulo Ribeiro Vs Joao Assis in the “Legend Vs Champion” Superfight… THIS IS GRAPPLING!

With over 220 divisions for all levels and age groups of Gi and NoGi competition, Grapplers Quest Canada will certainly set a new standard in making this event one to remember for all Grapplers. It is here, it is ours, let’s make it the best it can be.

With twelve competition surfaces, and a whole lotta help from sponsors like Zebra Mats and Fight Planet, this tournament will be, in modesty, simply awesome! We owe gratitude to Grapplers Quest Canada for helping setup and organize this event on October 30th with such exhaustive efforts. We welcome and thank you all for your support that has made our sport grow and brought us here, now, lets take it beyond!


Rohit H. Seth
Ontario Grappling Alliance