Report and photo Eduardo Ferreira


Two-time world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, Sérgio Moraes called TATAME directly from Finland, where he is ministering a series of seminars, full of good news to tell us. “(Rodrigo) Minotauro called me and said he’d like me to teach on the gym he’ll open in San Diego… I’m thrilled with the invitation”, celebrates Sérgio, excited with the opportunity.


“Rodrigo is giving me a unique opportunity, of coaching the best teams of MMA and Jiu-Jitsu of the world”, said, making it clear that he still is an Alliance athlete. “I’ll go there in three weeks, but I’ll still represent Alliance… Many people from Alliance will want to train with me and they’ll have a place to stay… They won a new headquarters on the United States”, guarantees, revealing that the brown belt Dimitri Souza will replace Sérgio on theclasses he used to give on Cohab, Sao Paulo.


The change, besides the chance of training with some of the best athletes of MMA world, brings him one step away of the main competitions of the mat. “World and Pan will be like our backyard (laughs)”, jokes. Sérgio’s smile only changes when he realized he will have to leave his daughter and girlfriend, pregnant of 3 months, in Brazil. “It’s sad because my girl and daughter will stay in Brazil… I’ll miss my child, but it’s the best for her future”, explains.




With six wins in seven MMA fights, Moraes believes that this new training phase on the United States will bring great results on his future. “I’ll train with the best in the world and I hope to have new opportunities”, said, telling us he postponed his next fight due to the invitation made by Minotauro. “I’d fight on Jungle Fight in the end of the year, but I’ve talked to Wallid (Ismail) and he was thrilled too”, concluded, focused on the recover from an injury on his wrist, which will force him to stay out of World No-Gi.