The II Nacional Open Jiu-Jitsu Portugal gathered the Portuguese gentle art community last November 20th.

GMA member Diogo Valença, of Gracie Barra Paço dos Arcos, is the vice-president of the Portuguese BJJ Federation, affiliated with the IBJJF.

The event was a huge success with athletes ranging from 4 years old to 54 years old.

The massive attendance of competitors made this years event the biggest so far.

The final teams results were as fllows:

1) Arte Suave – Prof. Marco Carneiro
2) Nova União Fight Planet – Prof. Manoel Neto
3)  Vita Team – Prof. Sérgio Vita (also a GMA member)

The FPJJB released on its website the appreciation for all involved in the event: “Congratulations to all athletes for the perfect behavior and sportsmanship. We also like to express our gratitude towards the professors for their great work on spreading BJJ in our country”.

Now, the Portuguese BJJ community gets ready for the 2011 European Open, scheduled January 27th-30th.

Pictures by FPJJB.

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