Rodolfo through to decider against Farias

The National Cup tournament is going on full steam in São Paulo. The event rewards the winners with belts, as well as a total of R$ 60,000 in prize money. All the finals will take place this Sunday, but the absolute black belt division is already near completion.

Sérgio Moraes (Alliance) and GFTeam prodigy Rodolfo Vieira had their final early. The winner goes on to face current champion Bernardo Faria this Sunday. As Faria represents Alliance, a win from Sergio would have closed out the division for Fabio Gurgel’s team.

Before the decisive match Sergio beat beasts like Ricardo Evangelista, Tiago Alves and Alexandro Ceconi. Rodolfo had to overcome fighters of the caliber of Léo Nogueira and Alexandre de Souza.

In the dispute that defined the finalist, Rodolfo came out on top. He scored four points by mounting Sergio’s back early on, securing his place against Bernardo Faria. Expectations are high for Sunday’s showdown.

“It was a good match. Now we’ll wait for tomorrow’s final,” Sergio’s teammate Michael Langhi told