Photo Eduardo Ferreira


Out of UFC 119 due to injuries, former UFC heavyweight Champion Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira will go on surgery this Wednesday. In exclusive interview to his official website, “Big Nog” commented the injuries that forced him to cancel the rematch against Frank Mir and the expectation to return to the octagon in 2011. Check below some highlights of the interview and click here to read it.




“I’m very calm, these things are normal in a professional athlete’s life. Our trainings are just so intense plus the countless battles we go through…We’re liable to it! And I mean, it’s just another surgery…what won’t kill you, only makes you stronger!!(Laughter) The same way I concentrate during a training period, I’ll be really focused on my recovery”




“I’ll be going under two surgeries, one on my hips and the other one on my knee. The surgery on my hip will be an arthroscopy, on my knee I’ll have to repair my ACL and the meniscus. These are old wounds that I’d have to treat at some point. They were compromising my speed, flexibility e explosion. I consulted a specialist and he put me against the wall saying “Well, you can fight now, but we won’t be able to fix you up, do the surgery, go through the treatment, and I promise you, you’ll be kicking your opponents in the face in no time.” I’d be fighting Mir with about 60% of my capacity, no doubt I would be in disadvantage”




“Considering both surgeries, give me six months and I’ll be standing in that octagon once again. One will be on the US. The other one in Brazil, with specialists also, no doubt we’ll be using the best resources available, both doctors granted me that after the recovery I will be flying!”


Rematch against Mir:


“At my first fight with Mir I was not ok, I was stubborn and had to pay for that! Mir is a fantastic athlete and deserves respect, he’s had some tough moments in his life, and he’s undoubtedly a winner! This second match up could be a “double-edged sword”, if the athlete is not able to separate heart from head, the chances of everything going to waste grow a lot! In my opinion going after a rematch has its limits. When they offered me this match, the whole plot was written in my head on a split second, “If God is putting him on my way once again, I’ll be ready!!” With that I’ve decided to fight only if I’m 100%!”


Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen:


“We were very worried about his wound, but he made a good choice he decided to fight! It looks crazy, I even posted in my twitter account (, the very last seconds before he entered the octagon, he told me “be cool Master, I´ll submit him”. Anderson is a really dangerous athlete, he looking for that triangle since the second round and at the fourth, he almost knocked Sonnen out. No doubt that all of his anti-professional bad talk made Anderson even thirstier for a victory, his technical level and his champion heart took him to finish the fight with only one minute to go!! Not everyone can do that!! Anderson definitely filled us with proud!”


UFC heavyweight division in 2011:


“God willing, with Junior as a champion!! We’re all working hard for that! He’s a terrific athlete and a great guy, he deserves that title more than anyone!! I’ll be back at 2011, which is just around the block, only 4 months before this year is over. One thing at a time, as always I want to fight with the best and get to that belt”