By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Josh Hedges


With three consecutive victories inside the UFC octagon, Rousimar Palhares is looking for some space in the biggest MMA event on earth. Up against the tough Nate Marquardt, his opponent on UFC 118, the Brazilian from the city of Dores do Indaiá talked to TATAME and, with his usual humility, revealed that his main goal is his evolution.


“I’m not thinking about his game yet, I’m focused on my weak points. Let’s work with him in mind nearer the fight, then we’ll see what are his good points and weakness. Now I’m concerned about my evolution”, Palhares said, commenting his trainings on Brazilian Top Team. “The work is doing great, I’m training really hard. I’m doing what I’m used to, training my Jiu-Jitsu, Wresling, Boxing, Muay Thai… I’m improving on the best possible way”, tells.


With Murilo Bustamante back to Brazil after a season on the United States, the middleweight has a high level training partner and a great example to follow, once Murilo was the first Brazilian to become a champion on Rousimar’s division on UFC. “It’s being great, he’s following and training along with me, since he’ll fight (on Impact FC). We’ve been training a lot together… He’s doing great flights, he’ll do a great comeback”, predicts, getting excited when it comes to the possible comeback of Murilo to UFC: “It’d be awesome (laughs)”.




Being the next challenger for the title, Chael Sonnen won the right to face Anderson Silva after beating Nate Marquardt, and a win over the American can mean a huge step for Rousimar in his road for making his dream come true. But the Brazilian is not worried about that. “I don’t know, maybe… It can be, but it’s all up to the boss (laughs)”, jokes, predicting the parity on the bout between Silva and Sonnen.  “It’s 50-50. When you’re up there, anything can happen”.


On Rousimar’s opinion, the provocations of the polemic Chael Sonnen can an overturn on the bout against Anderson on UFC 117. “Everybody talks, but the speech changes when you’re in there (laughs). He’s been saying too much before proving anything. When he’ll get there, he’ll gas because he spent too much energy on speaking (laughs)”, jokes Rousimar, who faces Marquard on UFC 118 pay-per-view card, in Massachusetts, USA.