By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Josh Hedges


With three consecutive wins, Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares was on the golden road to reach the top of his division on UFC, but he was mistaken and was defeated on a silly way by Nate Marquardt, on UFC Fight Night. “It was a moment of distraction… Can you imagine: stopping to talk with the referee during the fight. It was a mistake I made, but I have to learn somehow. It certainly was a painful way, but it’s the way it is”, regrets Palhares. “I thought that the second round was about to end, but there was some extra seconds I didn’t know about”.


Back to the hard trainings at Brazilian Top Team, in Rio de Janeiro, the black belt still doesn’t know when he’ll return to Ultimate’s cage. “I’m training hard every day, but they didn’t tell me about it yet”, tells, looking forwards for a recovery after the painful loss. “It’s hard, specially the way it happened, I had plenty conditions to win and I gave him the win on a stupid act. It’s hard, but I have to start it all over again. I was too good, man… I was really good, until I made this terrible mistake, but it won’t happen again”, guarantees.


While he’s waiting for the definition of his next bout, Rousimar sees his tormentor confronting Yushin Okami on the main event of UFC 122, duel that will give its winner the chance to fight for the belt against Alderson Silva or Vitor Belfort. When TATAME asked Toquinho about his tormentor’s future, the athlete decided not to make any bets. “I don’t know, a fight is a fight, and look what happened to me… I was thinking about one thing and another came along”, outwits, predicting a balance on the bout between Anderson and Belfort, which happens in February of 2011. “Oh, for sure it’ll be about exchanges… And, if it’s that way things will go, it’s 50-50”, concluded.