By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Josh Hedges


One of the most respectful coaches of world MMA, André Pederneiras followed from the corner the great win of José Aldo on WEC 51, when he knocked Manny Gamburyan out. Perfect on the event, Aldo got his eighth consecutive win, being seven by knockout, and André highlights the win of the right game plan.


“We thought the guy would try to take the fight to the floor for the entire five rounds, but he came to exchange. And we don’t have any problems with that at all, it was just a matter of time for him to start playing his game until the moment he got the knockout”, celebrates Pederneiras, who discarded the possibility of the athlete to change divisions, commented the importance of the focus in order to win a belt of the event and commented on the problems of BJ Penn, graduated as a black belt by his own hands, and the difficulties he is going through on his career. Click here to read the exclusive interview with the coach.