Pablo on top in photo by Luca Atalla.

If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. Following his capturing the under-77 kg title at last year’s ADCC, Pablo Popvitch kept with Frank Sinatra’s theme by winning the medium heavyweight division at the No-Gi Pan in New York this Saturday.

Pablo beat Marcus Vinícius (Check Mat) in the open weight final, with Bruno Bastos and Caio Terra rounding out the winners’ podium.

Also to win at black belt were Caio Terra (light featherweight), Henrique Costa (featherweight), Jonathan Torres (lightweight), Lucas Lepri (middleweight), Diego Gamonal (heavyweight), Marcus Vinícius Oliveira (super heavyweight) and Victor Costa (ultraheavyweight).

Check out the official results on the website.
Team results:

1- Renzo Gracie 
2- Checkmat BJJ 
3- Alliance
Master & Seniors:
1- Marcelo Garcia
 2- Alliance 
3- Gracie Humaitá
1- Alliance 
2- Lloyd Irvin 
3- Hasset’s
1- Marcelo Garcia 
2- Brazilian Top Team
 3- Lloyd Irvin