Bráulio gets his coils around André Galvão. Photo: John Lamonica

Bráulio Estima shocked the world at ADCC 2009 in Barcelona, when he won his weight division and the open weight division submitting stalwart competitors like André Galvão using his deadly reverse triangle. After winning his weight group, “Carcará” used the move yet again, to make life hell for Alexandre Ribeiro in the absolute final, ending with Ribeiro pulling out due to injury after freeing himself of the hold.

So is Bráulio the submission hold’s inventor?

The truth is that the reverse triangle is a basic and traditional position, which doesn’t mean it’s not effective. “Carcará” just adapted the hold to his game, adding some details, and proved the maneuver’s might.

In the video below shot in 1998, Renzo Gracie shows how he’s good at the reverse triangle, too, while training for a fight at Pride FC 2. The black belt sinks the position to follow up with the kimura finish, in an effective double attack. The images shot by Alex Shum were recovered by GRACIEMAG newsroom director Luca Atalla.

Watch and learn some of the finer details behind the move: