Between June and August this year the company of sports tourism, Rio Sports Tour, organized four camps for some of the exponents of the soft art: Alliance (Fabio Gurgel / Alexandre Paiva), Gracie Tijuca (Vini Aieta) ATT – Renato Tavares (Renato Tavares), Franco-Behring (Sylvio Behring).

The programs had a focus on Jiu-Jitsu and technical exchange between international students and Americans, plus plenty of Carioca culture and lifestyle in the wonderful city.

The groups made several trips and had contacts with the locals during training, day-to-day and at parties.

“The Renato Tavares’s group had the opportunity to see the World Cup through a screen on Copacabana Beach and went to Morro da Urca and the staff of the Alliance has trained in Gigi and raced in Rio Open. The Sylvio Behring’s group trained with the Grand Master Alvaro Barreto. Each group has its style and experiences are different for each one”, said Francis F. Abramson, founder and president of Rio Sports Tour.

Organizing one of the biggest Jiu-Jitsu groups for all ages under the tutelage of the same master, the group of 17 people led by red-black 7 degrees, Master Sylvio Behring, was in Rio and Buzios for almost two weeks and fulfills its 4th year of presence in Rio with this exchange program sponsored by Rio Sports Tour. View photos and videos of the travels in the website and the following links:

Vini Aieta:

Renato Tavares:

Alliance Exchange: