From: Tatame

By Eduardo Ferreira

Collaboration Glaucia Arakaki

Photos Eduardo Ferreira


On Rio International Open, which happened at the same time as Master and Seniors, Rodolfo Vieira (GF Team) and Léo Nogueira (Alliance) did a great fight, but the win went to Rodolfo, who scored 12×4 and won the absolute title, which he had miss on 2009. On the heavy qeight dispute, Rodolfo split it with his buddy Ricardo Evangelista, but got the gold. On the medium, the champion was Luis Gustavo “Guga” (Checkmat), who beat Bruno Alves on the judge’s decision after a draw with 2 points for each fighter and became two-time champion. Who also conquest the second title was Augusto Tanquinho (Soul Fighters), who beat Thiago Rocha by 3×2 (guard break) on the light weight final.


Two-time world champion, Mario Reis (Gracie Barra) submitted Theodoro Canal (GF Team) with an arm lock and won the feather weight title. Gabriel Moraes (Monteiro JJ) beat Samir Chantre (Gracie Fighters) by 4×2 on the vantages and got the light feather title. On the ultra heavy, Agnaldo Rodrigues (Gracie Barra) opened a 5×0 score and submitted Gabriel Igenito with a kimura and mounted on Bruno Bastos (Nova União), champion of 2009, and winning with a 10×2 score to win the super heavy title. On the medium heavy, Gracie Barra dominated with Felipe Cranivata and Kleber Buiú on the two first positions.


On the female adult dispute, who won the absolute title was Carla Cavalcante, who won the weight and absolute disputes on an impeccable campaign. Six fights with six submissions. Bia Mesquita, who had loss to Carla on the absolute dispute, won the light weight division title with a quick submission on the final. On the feather weight, Michelle Tavares, who now is training on Gracie Barra, beat Marina Soares and got the gold.