By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Eduardo Ferreira


Current world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, Rodrigo Cavaca will stay off the mats for a while. To heal the injury that disturbed his performance on the last competitions, the black-belt has been submitted to a knee surgery last Thursday.


“Before Brazil’s championship, while I was training in Santos, I had a rupture on my ligament. I fought Brazil and Mundial with that problem, I was 10 days away from the trainings…  I had my knee surgery and I’ll take some time off on the second semester of the year”, tells Cavaca, excited about his recovery. “It’s evolving a lot. I’m going though physiotherapy in two shifts and we’re already doing an advanced work. The doctor complimented me a lot and said he’ll let me drive my car next week”, reveals, thinking of coming back to the competitions on the Europe of CBJJ.




Until he went to do something about his knee, the Black-belt told TATAME he was moving to Florida, where he opened another gym. After setting a deal with The Armony, Cavaca sent two of his black-belts, Buchecha and Bibiano, for the city of Wellington, where they started teaching the gentle art last month. “We’ll mix our names, The Armony and Cavaca BJJ. It’s great, there’re lot of guys from UFC training with us… Big Foot is now preparing himself for his next fight, Banha, Gesias is taking some Boxing lessons too”, celebrates Cavaca.