Royler and Royce Gracie Seminar at Gracie Miami

Royler and Royce Gracie are conducting a mega seminar at Gracie Miami. The seminar will take place on December 4th at 2PM at the Valente Brothers Headquarters in North Miami Beach.  For the first time ever in Miami, brothers Royler and Royce Gracie will team up to teach a super seminar at Valente Brothers.  The seminar will be from 2PM – 6PM at the Valente Brothers Headquarters in North Miami Beach. The seminar will cover a variety of grappling, throwing and striking techniques. Valente Brothers students may register at the school’s front desk. Visiting students will be placed on a waiting list and will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis on October 11. Professors Pedro, Gui, and Joaquim are very proud and honored with this opportunity and strongly recommend all VB students to take opportunity of this rare and special event. For more info go to

Xande Ribeiro Instructional DVD

Multiple times World Absolute BJJ Champion and current ADCC U99KG Champion Xande Ribeiro recently released his first instructional DVD.Xande is widely considered one of the most technical fighters in the last decade and the release of his first instructional is a big mark in his career. The 5 DVD set includes:

Disc 1 – DVD


Disc 2 – DVD
•Side Control

Disc 3 – DVD

Disc 4 – DVD

Disc 5 – DVD
•Bonus : Ginastica Natural

To get your copy go to

Mike Fowler in Oahu, Hawaii

Word from Oahu is that Mike Fowler, is currently living there and opening an academy. Fowler is schedule to teach at Central Oahu JJ beginning this week. For more info check out

5th Tri State Championship

On Saturday, January 15th, the OGC returns to Cincinnati for the first time since 2006!Due to the central location & the number of previous competitors at this event, we anticipate a large turnout. Schools from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, and Tennessee have always had strong teams at the Tri-State Grappling Championships!

How close your academy is to this competition:

(70 minutes from Lexington, KY & Louisville, KY)

(60 minutes from Dayton, OH)

(2 hours from Indianapolis, IN & Columbus, OH)

(3 hours from Huntington, WV)

(3.5 hours from Toledo, OH)

(4 hours from Nashville, TN & Knoxville, TN)

In addition to our regular divisions, we are also excited to host a NO-GI TEAM CHALLENGE! Four of the region’s top teams have been invited to compete in a dual format. They include:

* Team Jorge Gurgel

– Jon Meyer (BJJ Black Belt & OGC Superfight Champion)

– Dan Doerner (BJJ Black Belt & OGC Superfight Champion)

– Jon Stutzman (BJJ Black Belt & OGC Superfight Champion)

* Relson Gracie – Columbus

– BJ Nelson (Pan-Ams competitors & Multiple OGC titles)

– Tom Fiester (Pan-Ams competitor & OGC Absolute Champion)

– Nick Goldizen (OGC Invite competitor & Amt.MMA Champion)

* E-Town BJJ & Judo

– Joe Baize (2011 ADCC Qualifier & OGC Invite Champion)

– Cody Gibbons (Amt. MMA fighter & KY State Qualifier)

– Luiz “Dentinho” Eduardo (BJJ Black Belt)

* Team Shawn Hammonds / Lloyd Irvin

– Shawn Hammond (BJJ Black Belt & Pan-Am Medalist)

– Jordan Sullivan (Multiple time IBJJF competitor & medalist)

– John Salter (UFC Vet & 2007 NAIA Wrestling Champion)

The schedule for the upcoming event is:

Friday, January 14th

Registration & Weigh-ins / 6pm to 8pm – * At the high school

Saturday, January 15th

Registration & Weigh-in / 9am to 10:30am

Rules Meeting / 10:45am

Matches begin / 11:15am

* Please remember, CASH ONLY for all registrations that are completed on January 14th & 15th
Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,